Sunday, 12 March 2017

It's Pillow Day

I pulled out my April Cornell fabric remnants on Saturday to get started on the patchwork pillow I am making as an Easter gift.  There were already some 2 1/2" squares and strips so I decided to make the pillow using squares that size to maximize use of my scraps.

Cutting 2 1/2" Squares to Make 16" Pillow Cover

I was well on my way to completing this pillow when I received an invitation to lunch for the following day at my cousin's.  The cousin for whom I have been wanting to sew a pillow since November as a THANK YOU for hosting a family gathering.  It was time to switch gears.  Nothing like a deadline for motivation to start and complete a project.

Fortunately I had all the materials on hand - fabric, pillow form, and zipper.  Or so I thought until it was time to locate the zipper.  It took as much time to locate the zipper as it did to sew it in.  Organizing my sewing corner in the basement is long overdue.

Monogram Pillow
This is the second monogram pillow I have made.  (You can read about the other pillow here.)  It now has a home on my cousin's entry way bench.


  1. The monogram pillow is very nice. Do you place a zipper and pillow form inside or is it stuffed and sewn closed?

    1. Hi Anita, I used a pillow form and sewed a zipper into the bottom seam.