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My interest in quilts began as a child with the two quilts that were part of many childhood memories.  The first was a handmade quilt that was on my bed.  I loved the different prints that comprised each star and the combination of pink, purple, and green fabrics.  The second quilt was in our camper.  I was fascinated with its frayed edges and the bits of gray batting that were revealed, as much as by the different coloured flowers in each square.  It was the heaviest and warmest quilt I have ever seen.

Many years later I had a friend who started making quilts and that inspired me to make one as well.  She had a copy of the March 2001 McCall’s Quilting Quick Quilts magazine and I decided to make the quilt on the cover as a gift for my mom.  She had recently been shopping for a quilt but couldn’t find one she liked.  It was the perfect Christmas gift idea.  I have been making quilts ever since.

This blog was created to share my love of quilts - modern, traditional, and patchwork quilts - and to connect with other quilters. I thought it would be fun to share other interests as well and will occasionally post about baking, gardening, home decorating, and other activities as well.

Why Crazy Red Quilts?  Several years ago a friend started calling me Crazy Red.  When it was time to select a name for my blog it fit.  It is also a play on words with a style of quilting called crazy quilts.

Thank you for stopping by!

Crazy Red

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