Saturday, 24 September 2016

Lost in the mail ... say it isn't so!

Inspiration arrived early for a gift I want to make for my friend's daughter who is having a birthday in November.  It's a small project.  Plenty of time to order fabric, make it, then mail it.  Or, so I thought until I went to check if the package had arrived.

According to the postal service it had been delivered.  According to the mailbox, it had not been received.  Unlike the mailboxes above, the package was sent to a community mailbox that requires a key to be opened.

Urggh!  I often order fabric on-line and have never had packages go astray.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

One of those days ...

Some friends were stopping by to visit so I decided to bake some cookies.  They arrived just as I was putting the cookies in the oven.  I forgot to set the timer.  This was the result. 

In the photo they look like double chocolate cookies.  In reality they were completely burnt.
A few days later I tried again.  This is what I had been planning to share with my friends.  Instead, I had the whole batch for myself.