Friday, 22 July 2016

My First Quilt

It started with a visit to La Conner in Washington state.  My mom was looking at some quilts in a gift shop ... while she was looking, I was thinking that I could make one for her.  It would be a great Christmas gift and there would be lots of time.  It was summer after all.

A few months later I found the perfect pattern on the cover of McCall's Quick Quilts.  The fall colours were perfect for my parent's home and the mountains in the background reminded me of where they lived.

March 2001 Edition
I was fortunate to find similar colours.  Some of the squares have faded a bit from the sun, but overall it has held up well to regular use and regular washes over the past 15 years.
My First Quilt - 2001
In comparing the quilt I made to the one in the photo it appears I modified it and added an extra row of stars. 

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